Why only paypal for payment?

I am just a small one man operation and I'm not in this for the big bucks. It's just a hobby and therefore have no other means to receive payment.

So does that mean you are risky?

No! Or I certainly hope not, although I do understand people's concerns.

Because I am small I really, really need to make sure that any potential customers are well taken care of. If I don't then I'll never be able to get customers to spread the word. And again, seeing as I'm small I really need to keep people happy as bad publicity will just bring this to a complete stand still.

Have you actually sold anything?

I have indeed. So far I've sold 98 t-shirts and, as of yet, every single customer has been happy. Every order that is placed gets a response from me. I want to keep you informed as to where your order is and how it's proceeding. And if you have any questions whatsoever before you place an order please do not hesitate to contact me HERE at paperpencilpen@mail.com

Do you do bespoke designs, or made to order designs?

I love to and it's something I've been trying to do more and more.

You can check out my personal blog over at Classic Stove. It's a personal blog and therefore has a lot of stuff that is completely unrelated to this site. But it does show a lot more of what I get up to.

HOLD THE PRESS!! A question has been asked.

If you put an item in your cart and you have chosen a colour that isn't white and the thumbnail picture doesn't change, don't panic. The thumbnail picture will remain the white version. Just ensure that it says the correct colour that you want after where the size selection is noted and the "remove item" option. Everything will work out fine and you will get the colour you want.

If you do need to ask anything just to put your mind at ease please just email me right here. Thank you.